Thomas Smelker

Vice President & General Manager, Microsystems

Mr. Smelker is the Vice President and General Manager of Mercury’s Microsystems business. In this business, he is responsible for the programmatic and technical execution of the latest 2.5 and 3D microelectronics for rugged defense applications.

These capabilities are aimed at accelerating mission critical applications at the tactical edge. Tom Smelker leads a highly innovative Mercury Systems team focused on delivering high-performance signal processing solutions at the sensor edge for major defense and intelligence programs across air, ground, sea, and space platforms.

Mr. Smelker has over 22 years of experience leading and designing high assurance microelectronics for defense sensors and weapons applications. In his previous role, he was a Senior Fellow at a defense prime and was the Chief Architect and Chief Technologist for secure processing.

Under Tom Smelker’s leadership, Mercury collaborates with the leading semiconductor and defense companies as the trusted and secure conduit for the latest generation microelectronics into sensor edge applications for defense.

Tom Smelker and his team enables Mercury Systems to deliver best in class domain capability across the sensor processing chain, enabling our customers to obtain innovative, tailored solutions that meet the cost, schedule, performance, and technology demands of today’s defense industry.

Mercury’s Microsystems business is making leading edge processing profoundly more assessable under Mr. Smelker’s leadership.