Philip Lagas, R.G.

Chief Client Officer/Principal Consultant, Haley & Aldrich

Phil Lagas earned his reputation for delivering what clients value by adhering to a simple tenet: “When we listen, we understand. When we understand, we find the best path to solve our clients’ needs. And only then can we deliver the value our clients seek.” Phil is expanding that philosophy to Haley & Aldrich, ensuring staff use active listening and creative thinking to develop and deliver approaches that address clients’ unique needs.

Phil leads Haley & Aldrich’s consulting and construction operations with that client focus. He is responsible for meeting strategic and business objectives and works with client and technical leaders to develop and implement market and project delivery strategies.

He has nearly 40 years of experience working with private and government clients. He also works with industry associations and regulatory agencies to develop and improve environmental laws and regulations. He is a registered professional geologist in Arizona.

“I can truly say I love what I do. I have a career that combines my deep appreciation for the outdoors with my desire to connect with others. I like to promote a team environment internally and with our clients where we have fun while working hard to solve environmental challenges to preserve our world for future generations.”