The 303 Corridor, A Hot Bed for Industrial Growth

The 303 corridor has become a hotbed for industrial growth, such as a White Claw factory, a Red Bull canning facility, and numerous distribution centers for big names such as  Dick's Sporting Goods, REI and Sub-Zero. Surprise's stretch of the freeway includes an auto mall.
Longtime Goodyear developer Dick Wilson said city leaders there capitalized on their 303 real estate by making "a conscious decision to attract industrial development" that in turn attracted more residents and housing. 
Landing companies like Microsoft and Amazon solidified Goodyear's reputation as a place for big companies, he said."

"Goodyear Mayor Georgia Lord pointed to the region's Greater Maricopa Foreign Trade Zone, which opened in 2010, as a primary instigator of growth

Companies that located in the zone, including Sub-Zero and REI, brought good jobs that attracted more people, Lord said. She said the city has added 8,375 jobs since 2010. 

Foreign Trade Zones provide tax breaks and other incentives to large companies by allowing them to import materials from abroad and bypass typical duty payments until such materials have been fully assembled into products and sold." 


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